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Welcome to Paloma Wellness & Aesthetics! As a leading skin care treatment center, we take pride in removing the guesswork and confusion when it comes to effectively reversing the signs of aging skin, delivering a results-focused approach tailored to your specific needs. With a focus on wellness, we prioritize not only the external beauty but also your overall health and well-being while our advanced technologies help you achieve a rejuvenated and radiant complexion.

Owner & Operator

Patricia Ahearn, MD

Dr. Patricia Ahearn, a 1984 graduate of the University of Arizona College of Medicine, has been dedicated to comprehensive health and wellness throughout her career in Internal Medicine. Since 1987, she has offered outpatient primary care and runs a private practice in San Juan Capistrano. In 2015, Dr. Ahearn and a colleague acquired a no-downtime YAG 1064 laser, initiating a venture into non-invasive cosmetic services. Witnessing the transformative impact on patients, particularly a 34-year-old who regained confidence after treating spider veins, fueled her passion for aesthetics. Recognizing the laser’s limitations, Dr. Ahearn aspired to do more.

In 2022, formalizing plans for a skin care program, she aimed to incorporate proven, minimally invasive procedures for aging skin. Paloma Wellness & Aesthetics, founded in August 2023, stands as the realization of this vision. Dr. Ahearn, the medical director and owner, personally conducts consultations and treatments alongside specialized staff. Balancing her role at the center, she continues part-time medical care in her primary practice. With cutting-edge technology and a skilled team, Paloma addresses aesthetic concerns with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Cassandra Rosan

Cassandra Rosan began her aesthetics career in 1983 and has never looked back. She has extensive experience in the areas of skin care evaluations, enhancements, techniques, and treatments. Her primary focus has been developing a rapport with each client, discussing their overall skin care goals, and delivering both short and long-term improvement.

Cassandra is a Southern California native and is well-informed about the beach lifestyle and the challenges of living in a sun-soaked environment. Her passion for skin care and dedication to protecting the long-term health of her client’s skin has influenced Cassandra’s skill in creating treatment plans that fit with the Paloma Wellness & Aesthetics focus on skin health and reversing the signs of aging.

Office Coordinator 

Shelli Lewis

Shelli Lewis comes to Paloma Wellness and Aesthetics with 30 years of business experience as a highly qualified professional. Her career journey has been marked by transitions across various industries, indicating her adaptability and versatile skill set including business startups, office management, sales, scheduling, and the aesthetics industry.

Shelli has a passion for engaging with clients to provide them with the best options and experiences to meet their personal goals. Her commitment to maintaining privacy underscores her professionalism and ethical standards are crucial in industries like aesthetics, where client confidentiality and trust are of utmost importance. She is family-oriented and enjoys spending time with them as much as possible. Her other interests include dinner with friends, engaging in game nights, and community service. Shelli has a passion for dogs which includes her pug.

Shelli shows her love for nature and relaxation with her fondness for the beach, which provides a great source of personal balance and tranquility.

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